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Guitar rhythm tracks
Cripple Creek  100 bpm  180 bpm 
Shenandoah Valley Breakdown  100 bpm  180 bpm 
Rocky Top  100 bpm  180 bpm 
Blueridge Mountain Home 104 BPM  
Foggy Mountain Breakdown 104 bpm   


What is tablature?

TablEdit format files (.tef)

In order to view and listen to these files, you must have TablView installed. Click the link, download it in your browser to your downloads folder, then open the file. TablView will launch. You will be able to see and hear the tablature!

The software is free and found at this link.

  • Note: The files are now downloading, but the notes are all bunched together. I'm working on fixing this (8/27/16)

Select links on right view on screen TEF file
Cluck Old Hen JPG TEF
Cripple Creek JPG TEF
Banjo in the Hollow JPG TEF
Cumberland Gap JPG TEF
Dooley JPG TEF
Doug's Tune JPG TEF
Shenandoah Valley Breakdown JPG TEF
Shuckin' the Corn JPG TEF
Old Home Place JPG TEF
Salty Dog JPG TEF
Ballad of Jed Clampett JPG TEF
Foggy Mountain Breakdown JPG TEF
Bile'm Cabbage Down JPG TEF
Old Joe Clark JPG TEF
John Hardy JPG TEF
Rocky Top JPG TEF
Theme Time JPG TEF
Various tags JPG TEF
I'll Fly Away JPG TEF
Blackberry Blossom (intermediate) JPG TEF
Hickory Hollow JPG TEF
Blueridge Cabin Home JPG TEF
Will The Circle Be Unbroken JPG TEF
Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms JPG TEF
Down the Road JPG TEF
Fireball Mail JPG TEF
John Henry Blues JPG TEF
Grandfather's Clock JPG TEF
You Are My Sunshine   TEF
Worried Man Blues   TEF
Gold Rush   TEF