Bluegrass Banjo; Live Webcams Lessons!


  • 30 minute live banjo lesson with Jim Penson. 30 minutes for $25
  • HD web cam, excellent sound and video quality
  • Distance learning for those too far from a teacher


Jim is a 45 year veteran of bluegrass music having played with The Front Porch Boys, Whitehouse Harmony, Bee Creek Bluegrass, and Easy Pickinz. Over a span of decades, Jim has taught hundreds of people to play the banjo, guitar, mandolin, and dobro. Jim is also a certified Wernick Method teacher.

More about Jim's teaching...

bullet A webcam with broadband access
bullet Skype with webcam support
bullet Paypal account to send payments
bullet Access to Google Calendars to check Jim's schedule for availibility

Jim's YouTube Instructional Channel:


bullet Set up an account with either Skype
bullet Setup a PayPal account, or use your existing account to pay for the lesson (send pay to):
bullet Send an email to requesting date and time. You'll receive a confirmation email from Jim.

Available times and days:
Generally, I am available during the following periods: (all times Central Standard)
Monday Noon to 4 pm
Tuesday Noon to 4 pm
Wednesday Noon to 2 pm, 7 to 9 pm
Thursday Noon to 4 pm
Friday Noon to 3 pm



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Email Jim at

I'm an English speaker but welcome all international students. Please check your time against Central Standard when looking up availability