Policies, Miscellaneous

Bring what you want to drink I'll have coffee and water, but that's about it. When we branch out to full day camps, I'll provide a box lunch. I'm not opposed to a beer or two, but you'll find that most jams in Texas will be dry, so we might as well be.
Bring a recorder Most of my students carry these little digital voice recorders that you can get for about 60 bucks at BestBuy. Good ones have a USB port that will allow you to download MP3s to your computer.
No Noodling! Noodling is playing your instrument aimlessly between songs. This will get you disliked quicker at a jam than just about anything else. It's a hard thing to monitor, and we all do it some, but let's strive for no instrument noise when not in a song. Nothing more frustrating than trying to get a point across about something or other while 3 banjos are "noodling". We all have to tune, but you can do this very quietly between songs.
Bring a capo A typical jam will entail playing in various keys. This is a large component of jam camp; learning how to play in keys other than G.
No phones If you are on call, set it to vibrate and take the call outside, but please wait til the end of a song. Just answering a call during a song will break a song up.
Breaks We take a break at the half way point on Tuesdays and a couple of them on Saturdays.
Payment Payment is due at the time of the session. No cards, sorry.
"Make" date In order for me to plan, I will set cutoff dates for enrollment, usually a day or two in advance of the camp.
Guests If you want to bring someone along, that's fine.
Tuners Bring a tuner for your own reference, although the skill of jam tuning will be discussed. (There is usually an "alpha guitar" at jams, and it's pointless to be in tune with your tuner if you're not in tune with him.
Paper/Notes I'm largely a paperless teacher. One of my pet peeves, in fact, is jams where people bring along songbooks. My experience is that at higher jams nobody has paper. Also, the more you use it, the more you need to use it. Trust your ear and your memory. This is folk music. If, however, you want to jot down a note or two, you won't be kicked from class.